[Cabal Online]Cabal: AFK in game(08/09/2010)

Aug 09, 2010 11:01:48

Hello all.The following is something about AFK in game,hope you like:



1.You must let any officer in the raid know if you need to go AFK for Cabal, if you have to leave early, or if you need to jump off vent temporarily. Even if you think you'll only be a few seconds, we need to know and expect all raid members to adhere to this. 90% of the time it will be fine, but it's just a common courtesy to let us know.


2.You do not have to state a reason, but please give as much forewarning as possible, and provide an approximation of how long you will take as it may serve as the catalyst for a break. Please note, if you are a chronic offender then you may be asked for a reason. A whisper to an officer is the only acceptable form of notification for an AFK. Saying something in any other in-game( Cabal gold ) channel or in vent is not sufficient.


3.If you are given any assignment, you must summarise and repeat it in raid chat. Again, saying something in vent or any other channel of communication is not enough, even if the assignment was given verbally. This includes (but is not limited to) all healing assignments; all crowd control effects (i.e. interrupting diamond); all tanking targets; any and all other assignments, e.g. kiting mobs, dpsing in a specific location, etc. The purpose for this is to ensure that all assignments are received and completely understood in game(Cabal Powerleveling).


4.Please keep vent clear during boss fights. We are a sociable guild, and we do hate silence, but please use common sense when talking on vent during raids, and if you are asked to be quiet, do not take it personally.


That's all.Thank you for reading!See you next time!^_^


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